Jodi's Story

Thank you to my little sister's and mom for helping me write this.

Jodi was born April 6, 1979 to Don and Diana Ford. Just so happens, she was born on her big sister Marcy's birthday. Mom was upset because she thought that Marcy would not be happy to share her birthday. Marcy's response made Mom very happy. "You gave me a little sister on my birthday, I couldn't think of a better birthday present!"

She is the youngest of 4 siblings; Gary Moody, Marcy Moody and Lynn Lotter.
She was raised in Trenton and attended Anderson Elementary School, Monguagon Middle School and Trenton High School. Jodi graduated with the Class of 1997.
She attended Western Michigan University for several semesters.
She moved back to the east side of the state to raise her children Tristen and Andromeda, currently ages 8 and 6 respectively.

Jodi is my baby sister. When Jodi was in preschool, I went off to college. I really meant it when I said “Baby” sister! Jodi was growing up while I was away getting my degree, starting my career, getting married and starting a family.

What is most frustrating for me personally is it seems as if Jodi and I were just really starting to get to know each other now that she is an adult and has children of her own. There are many events at my house with the families - birthday parties for and with all the kids, Christmas, Easter Celebration Dinners, 4th of July picnics with fireworks, etc.

My baby sister is very intelligent, talented, beautiful and creative. She can paint a mural, a canvas or a wall. She can hang sheet rock, tape, mud and sand drywall like a pro. She has done roofing, aluminum siding, concrete design, interior and exterior construction and landscaping. You should see her after hauling sod! She’s been a fantastic (and good looking) bartender and/or waitress. She is most proud of her recent career - a phlebotomist.

At the age of 28, Jodi discovered a passion for medicine and earned a phlebotomy degree. She was awarded a retroactive scholarship because she had done so well in the classes and impressed her instructor. She was even asked to be an instructor. She was most recently employed as a Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomist at Oakwood Southshore Hospital working diligently to provide excellent care for all patients.

On a more personal note, recently, Jodi and Paul (her one true love) were planning their future. With Paul's children, they were going to be a terrific family of six. Paul is a wonderful guy who is standing by my little sister through this very difficult time in all of our lives.

As with any good mother, Jodi’s first concern when she learned she had incurable cancer was for her children. She has worked very hard recently to ensure her children are going to be taken care of and raised in a loving environment with Grandma and Grandpa. She’s an amazing mother.

Jodi’s extremely brave and her faith is strong.

She believes “why me” is a waste of precious time.

Jodi continues to fight until she reaches Stage 5.

Stage 5? I never heard of stage 5 cancer before either?

In Jodi's words, "Stage 5 is when she is in heaven with Jesus".